Welcome to our school’s eTwinning Club website. Under the “Projects” menu, you can find everything related to our activities. Enjoy!

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Who are we?

We’re the eTwinning club from OŠ Gustava Krkleca in Zagreb, Croatia.

We are based in OŠ Gustava Krkleca, a primary school in the Travno neighbourhood in Zagreb, Croatia. We meet once a week to work on international multimedia projects, learn about other countries, and make it possible for them to learn about us.

Our goals:

To raise students’ awareness regarding culture and knowledge.
To promote our country and our city through global platforms.
To compare children’s lives all across Europe.
To motivate students to use foreign languages in conversations with their peers.
To use the Internet for interaction with students and teachers from partner schools.
To describe our customs, traditions, and cultural festivals throughout the year.
To build friendships and a cooperative spirit between students.
To encourage group work and team work.
To build relations with other schools and practice foreign languages.

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To get in touch with us, please feel free to use the provided form and we shall respond as soon as we can!